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About Us

foodshelves  is a social enterprise that seeks to give people options by accessing healthy foodstuffs, by this we mean organic, without additives or with very safe additives and preservatives that no risks to human health at all.

We seek to work with dedicate different levels of manufacturers/players who are passionate to feed people and prioritizing their health safety.

We offer solutions to give people options of FEEDING THEIR TASTE IN THE SAFEST WAY POSSIBLE, food industry has been compromised and on many occasions we found ourselves with limited options yet we’ve dedicated people who work to ensure that they feed people in the safest way.

Foodshelves seeks to connect dedicated and passionate small authentic ¬†manufacturers to the masses who wants to FEED THEIR TASTE WITHOUT WORRYING OF UNHEALTHY EFFECTS, it’s a joy to discover that we have players whom this is their goals.


Foodshelves commits to ensure the food are safe and the supplier are authentic and have been validated by necessary Kenyan bodies like KEBS

Their products are KEBS approved and very fresh
Mila Kunit

Certified Products

join our website and benefit from natural foods that will lead to a healthy lifestyle

We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!

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